Derrick Lock was born in Oakland, CA and began performing and recording music at age 10. As an audio engineer at various venues, he was exposed to different genres and musical styles. After formally studying and playing jazz, Derrick eventually went on to minor in digital arts and focused on synthesis and electronic music production. His diverse influences result in a sound with hip-hop, folk, blues, soul and electronic roots.  


Instrumentals, Pt. 1, 2020

Merger (Short Film) Soundtrack, 2020 – Pending Theatrical Release

Daze (Short Film) Soundtrack, 2017

Blood on My Sleeve (Digital LP), 2013

For-A Corporation, Presentation Music for National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), 2007

Max Steele (Video game, Mattel) Sound Effects and Sound Design, 2007

Hamletmachine (Theater) Score, 2006

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